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Kangkangsullai Food offers wishes for customers' satisfaction. It has been a Korean culinary specialty brand since 1989, 30 years of history, and more than 3 million customers visit it each year in 8 directly operated stores.

Kangkangsullai Food

greetings from KKSL

We began making sales in 2020 and has since expanded through the addition of new business partners and market growth. We strive to provide a healthier food culture to customers as well as to preserce and enhance the dependability of offline stores in the online market.

Kangkangsullai food

greetings from KKSL

We are united in our preparation for our meeting with customers.
In a healthier and more secure manner, we will provide you for the love and trust we have received.

Kangkangsullai Food

With the solid theory and principle of food, we provide stable flavor every day of the year.

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30 years of tradition

Since 1989, we are working based on a solid offline brand.

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R & D

To earn our customers' trust and to maintain the consistency of flavor.

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By expanding our online sales in order to appeal to a variety of age groups.


Business Area

50 different markets | Social commerce | General mall | memeber's only

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Kangkangsullai Offical Mall

Members23,812 (as of 2022.08)

Our official shopping mall where you can get online Kangkangsullai brand products like a marinated beef and other foods.

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Kangkangsullai Official Instagram

For most recent news, please check the Kangkangsullai Food's official Social Network.

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Korean No.1 Shooping Site, Hottest, Trendy, Lowest Price.

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Kangkangsullai Homepage

Introducing the Kangkangsullai brand and stores along with our menus,locations,upcoming events and gift cards.

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An official YouTube channel that uses videos to introcuce different parts of Kangkangsullai.

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It is an combined online shopping mall where you can browse and buy all Shinsegae group items, including those from E-mart to Department Store.

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A company founded in 2010, has revolutionized online shopping and improved the lives of its customers.

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Kakao Talk

LinkSearch 'Kangkangsullai Shopping mall' in Kakao Talk

Let us stay up to date quicker than everyone else! It is a friend channel called 'Kangkangsullai Shopping mall' that enables real-time consultation and push alerts.

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Kakao Gift

You may give and receive gifts at any time and from any location if KakaoTalk is connected.

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    Kangkangsullai Homepage

    Company Hompage

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    kangkangsullai shopping mall

    Official mall

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    Kangkangsullai Social Network

    Communication with the customers

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    No.1 Online Market

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    YouTube Channel

    Kangkangsullai on videos!

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    Sale of a popular gift package

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    Rocket and Center Delivery

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    Kakao Channel

    Contact us with a mobile

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    Kakao Gift

    If you want a special gift

Scale of Online/Offline Business

With a growth rate of more than 200% over the prior year, our sales are increasing steadily.

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Sullai Marinated Roast

Sullai Marinated Roast

Monthly avg.240,000 Units Sold

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Grilled K-pork Seasoning

Grilled K-pork Seasoning

Monthly avg.70,000 Servings Sold

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Nutritious Short Rib Soup

Nutritious Short Rib Soup

Monthly avg. 51,000 Bowls Sold

Management Ethics

Food Company with a "people-centered" culture that prioritizes customers' happiness and genuine values.

Growth Indicator

CEO | John Shim

Kangkangsullai Food is an online sales branch of the 30- year-old restaurant company Kangkangsullai. The major responsibilities are to expand the brand’s current assets, create an identity, implement CRM, and create its own mall’s first online video market. By expanding and rearranging our unique brand collection, we expect to increase by over 200%. We will keep working to become a Kangkangsullai that is valued by people of all ages. Thank you.

"Food should have the soul, not just the trick."

Head Chef. Jinmin Kim | Former Korean chef at Blue House | The 10th master of rib | Advisor of the R&D Office

Over 2000 satisfied reviews

*Edited from Official site reviews.

"I bought it knowing that It's Kangkangsullai.The soup is flavorful and rich."

client 1 Laura Customer

"It has the same flavor as food from a Kangkangsullai restaurant. I bought it again. The meat is large and excellent."

client 2 Mackage Customer

Kimchi Fried Rice with KKSL is special and simple to make. If you eat it with cheese, it tastes way better.

client 3 Cristine Customer

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside." -Mark Twain

Major Retailers

Product for sale

In pursuit of the greatest flavor, professional chefs are constantly studying and improving every menu

Tender Meat

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Hearty Soup

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Tasty HMR

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Gift Set

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Thoughtfully designed gift sets for your loved ones | Please contact us for business or group purchase

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  • CEO : John Shim
  • Mail : call@sullai.com
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